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One of the reasons people use social media bots is the possibility to automate tasks and eventually grow their social media accounts, or business. But there is two more big advantage about social media bots, and those are the fact that (1) they can run all the time, and (2) they can run multiple threads at the same time.

But, in order to successfully do so and prevent bulk ban of accounts, it is necessary to use proxies.

What are proxies?

Proxies, to keep it short and simple, are internet servers that act as an intermediary between a client requesting a resource and the server providing that resource. In other words, they change the IP address of the browser or device they are binded to, by replacing the original IP of the device.

Proxies and social media bots

For the reason we just mentioned, bots are a must for those running social media bots with different social media accounts. Proxies are a cheap way to simulate accounts logging in from different devices and locations, making your social media botting efforts possible. The question, at this point, is not if you should use them but, rather, which one to use? Let’s have a look together.

What type of proxy should I use for social media bots?

Now, before answering this question, which will depend also on your goal and the accounts you are using, we need to understand (quickly, promise!) what kind of proxies exist.

There are different type of proxies, and proxies can be categorized depending on two things: what kind of internet they use, and among how many people they are shared. Therefore, we can categorize proxies into:

  • Rotating
  • Shared
  • Private
  • Dedicated

Depending on how many people share the same proxy, and between

  • Datacenter
  • Residential
  • 4G/3G (Mobile)

Depending on the internet type.

Shared, private or dedicated proxies?

ProxyShared among N. of usersPrice*Suggested for bots?**
RotatingUndefined. Could be thousands of people!5$No (unless traffic only)
SharedUndefined, but usually at least 3 people1$No (unless traffic only)
PrivateDepends on the provider, usually up to 3 people1,5$Yes
DedicatedJust you3$Yes

Datacenter, Residential, or 4G proxies?

ProxyPrice*Suggested for bots?
Datacenter1$It depends. (more info below)
3G/4G (Mobile)4$Yes

What is the best proxy to manage social media accounts on a bot?

The best one in terms of quality

The best one in terms of price

Where can I buy cheap proxies for social media bots?

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