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If you have a bot that runs social media tasks, whether it is to boost traffic, likes or send messages to people, there are two things that you absolutely need. First thing is proxies and the second one, is a VPS.

What is a VPS?

To make it short – also because you probably do know this already! – a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual machine that people can buy from hosting providers and which can be remotely accessed. On a VPS you can mount any operating system you like, including Windows, and install any software you desire.

What are the advantages of a VPS?

A VPS offers several advantages, which come very handy when it comes to running software programs or bots. Such advantages include,

  • Remote control
  • Running 24/7
  • It uses its own resources
  • Different IP
  • Cost-effective compared to owning a physical computer, working 24/7 (electricity can be quite expensive!)

For the above reasons, using a VPS to run social media bots is not only suggested but, I think we can say it, a MUST along with proxies. (Unless you are planning to your bot just occasionally).

Later in this article, we will also tell you our best providers according to our many years of experience with bots and VPS seeking, so make sure to stick until the end! 😉

Why you should run a Social Media Bot on a VPS

The above-mentioned points are all good reasons, but let’s break them down a little bit more. The first good reason is undoubtedly the fact that your VPS (and therefore your bot) can work 24/7, day and night, all the time. This allows you to maximize your bots usage and run it with no interruptions. (as long as you follow the advice we will give later on).

The second reason is that it uses its own resources. You don’t want to run a bot on the same physical computer you are using for work. The bot will use resources from your PC, which will result in slower performance and resources for the other tasks you are trying to do.

Last but not least, it uses a different IP. Sure, you want to bind all your social media accounts and bot activities to proxies. But, you never know that you might forget to bind one account, or maybe one proxy won’t be as anonymous as you think. For this reason, you don’t want to run the bot on your own PC, which uses your residential IP. Keep a good reputation of your own IP, and run bots on VPS.

What requirements should I look for when seeking a VPS for my bot?

Now, each social media or traffic bot is different, and it will require different resources. But, generally speaking, these kinds of bots often need the same share of resources since they all run on the principle of running multiple browsers at the same time. (multi-threading).

For this reason, CPU and RAM are your main priorities. RAM and CPU will both be very much dependant on the number of concurrent browsers (threads) you want to run, but CPU usage will also depend on the complexity of the browser’s tasks and how often they need to do new actions (such as signing up, commenting, browsing, etc.)

So, the most important thing is a good CPU and a RAM which is around twice as big. For instance, a 16 CPU Cores and 32 GB RAM Vps.

Please note that each CPU is different, so you should not only look into the amount of the cores, but also the GHz and the processor used, but the above tip – CPU and 2x RAM – can be generally useful.

Also, do not forget about unlimited bandwidth. For social media bots and especially traffic bots, bandwidth is a big thing. It will depend also on the social media of course: if you plan to just send direct messages to Instagram, you can get away with a limited bandwidth VPS plan but, in the case of YouTube, you NEED a VPS with unlimited bandwidth.

Anything else? Well, not really, other than the quality of the VPS: pick a reliable provider which VPS won’t suddenly shut down and require a manual restart, and whose internet speed is as fast as described.

What are the best VPS providers for my Social Media Bot?

Before clicking away to find out more about the given providers, we suggest you to read the paragraphs we have written below for the same. We share our experience, the pro’s and con’s, and some tutorial and trick to use their VPS.

  1. Hetzner (best price to quality ratio, high performance, but you need to install Windows yourself)
  2. Frantech (good price to quality ratio, reliable, you can buy VPS with pre-installed Windows)
  3. Contabo (good price to quality ratio, but might shut down often!)

1. Hetnzer VPS for Bots


Hetzner is our top pick based on our experience of running social media bots. The main reasons why it is the provider we prefer – which are not as obvious as they sound! – are the following

  • One of the best price to quality ratio (you may get 8 CPU cores for 25$)
  • Outstanding uptime (rarely shuts down)
  • No set-up fee
  • No monthly payment (but hours based)

When it comes to Hetzner, there is only two “negative” things we noticed

  • No windows pre-installed (but you can do by yourself, for free, in 15 minutes by following this video)
  • Support does not offer any kind of technical assistance (VPS usually do not require technical support but, if it ever happens, don’t expect Hetzner to help you out as, per policy, they do not offer it)

To prove that this is really our go-to pick, here is a screenshot from our dashboard. As you see, we currently have several active projects, 11 vps, and we spend over 400$ monthly with them.

A tip we want to give you want to buy their VPS, is to pick a shared over a dedicated one, as we noticed that – when taking into consideration the pricing – shared CPX VPS’s outperform the dedicated ones.

Let’s look into a few more options, as we want to give you at least a few alternatives you can chose from. Also the below providers have been tested and used in the past, and we will describe their Pros and Cons to eventually help you pick the best VPS for you.

2. Frantech VPS for Bots

Our second pick is Frantech which, as per Hetzner, is a huge cloud company. Frantech is USA based, contrarily to Hetzner, which is from Germany.

The main difference of Frantech compared to other VPS providers is that they run 3.9Ghz+ CPU Cores, but on the other hand their VPS tend to have less CPU cores. In any case, their price to quality ratio is good, their servers rarely shut down and set-up is free of charge.

In short, these are the positives about Frantech

  • Good price to quality ratio
  • Free set-up
  • Windows included
  • Good stability

But despite being a reliable company, when it comes to the pricing – compared to Hetzner – for the same cost you will be able to run less threads. For this reason, despite Windows being pre-installed, we prefer the German company.

3. Contabo VPS for Bots

Our third pick is another German company. As you can see from the pricing table below, their VPS look quite appealing.

But as we have been using them in the past, a few things should be mentioned.

  • With CPU overload, their servers tend to shut down often (which is a problem, since that means the bot will stop to do his work)
  • You need to pay VPS set-up fee (around 7$)
  • Windows license comes with an extra fee during checkout (and is not possible to manually install it. As a reminder, our bot – as 95% of bots out there – requires Windows to run)
  • They recently introduced limited monthly traffic. 32TB is a lot, but if you run many threads 24/7 on YouTube, there is a chance you might exceed the limit. (I will take the chance to share another reminder with you: when using our bot, you can select the video quality (240p,360p, etc.) that the accounts will select when playing the video, which may help to decrease bandwidth usage.)

On the other hand, there is some positive aspects about Contabo, which make them worthy of our Top 3.

  • Good pricing to quality ratio
  • They recently upgraded their CPU cores from Intel to Amz (which are better for CPU usage)
  • Good support


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