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Affiliate disclosure: we might earn small percentages if you purchase via our links. That being said, our recommendations are in no way based upon the affiliate offer. We genuinely share with you the best, cheaper providers (which we also use for our own bots). We are confident you will like our suggestions and if you purchase via our links, you will allow us to invest more money in the improvement of our bots and in customer support 🙂
– Jack & Minh, UltraBot co-founders

Note: We also made more detailed articles about what proxies to use and the best VPS for YouTube bots, which you can read by clicking the links.

On this page, we will just share 2 quick tables of the best Proxy and VPS providers you can use to run your YouTube traffic bot.

Best VPS for YouTube bots

  1. Hetzner
  2. Contabo
  3. NetKVM

Best Proxies for YouTube bots

  2. Etunnel
  3. Bartproxies

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