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We also wrote two more specific articles, regarding exclusively the best vps and the best proxies, depending on your use case.

You can read them below:
Best VPS Accounts for YouTube bots
Best proxies for YouTube bots and YouTube accounts

On this page, we created a quick table with direct links and name of the best vps and proxy providers for running YouTube bots and accounts. 

Best VPS Providers

Our selection takes into consideration pricing, cpu (crucial for multi-threading) and stability (to avoid vps shutting down, hence the bot).

1 – Hetzner (visit here and get 22$ credit)

Hetzner is our first choice due to low pricing compared to quality and high stability. We suggest getting a shared VPS, named “CPX", with as many CPU cores as per your need.

We currently have over 15 VPS servers with this company, as a proof that it is our honest first choice and the best one in terms of price to quality.

Pros: Great pricing, high stability, great CPU performance (pick CPX)
Cons: Need to install windows by yourself, but you can watch our tutorial video, it will take just 10-15 minutes.

If you sign up to Hetzner by clicking here, you will get €20 ($22) in free credit, to grab your first VPS with 8CPU for free! 😉

2) KVMNet

3) Contabo

Best Proxies Providers

Our selection takes into consideration pricing, anonymity, speed and country selection. And, of course, unlimited bandwidth only! YouTube botting requires a lot of GB to watch videos, so only buy unlimited bandwidth proxies, or you will find yourself with very high bills.

1 –

You can get very cheap proxies, starting just 0.1$ per proxy. You can select the country from tier 1 counties, including USA, UK, Germany, Australia and more.

Pros: Great pricing, high stability, good speed, tier-1 countries
Cons: Datacenter proxies. They will work, but need to warm up accounts a little.

2) RSocks

We used this long time ago, and they still seem as a valid alternative with good pricing. They also have a 1000 proxies package designed for YouTube.

3) SocialMediaProxies

This is our satellite company website. Great pricing, tier-1 countries, unlimited bandwith. If you are satisfied with our bot, then rest assured that also our proxies, despite the low pricing, are quite nice.