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This post will cover the “Auto watch hours” boost feature, included in our Ultra Bot version. This feature allows to automatically boost a channel’s watch time, by simply adding the channel link + the watch hours needed.

We will see first a quick tutorial, then some tips.

Tutorial for watch time boost

Of course, you could increase your watch time also by using other features of the bot, such as views. We created this feature to make things even faster and easier, hence using this feature is a very straightforward process.

1) Select the “Watch hours boost” feature from general tab

2) Create a .txt file which includes the channel link (homepage) and the desired amount of hours, in terms of minutes.

In the example above, we put 1000 hours, hence 60000 minutes (1000×60, since 1 hour equals to 60 minutes)

After that, unless you have many accounts and many videos, it is highly recommended to use the loop feature. This feature will play again each video, hence by boosting watch hours with fewer views.

That’s it, you can start your bot and let him do the job of boosting your channel’s watch time. Let’s see a few tips

Tips when using the watch time boost

Before you launch your first campaign, we want to share a few tips with you.

  1. The more total length of videos you have, the better. If you have just one short video, reaching 4K hours, unless you have a lot of accounts, will be difficult. On the other hand, if you have 1 hour of content in total across all videos, you need just 200 accounts or so.
  2. Use the loop feature. You can set it also at 10x, videos will get 1000% retention and 10x watch time than the video’s length. More than that is up to you, watch hours might not be counted – even though some people claim they can also have 20x or 30x to work fine for them.
  3. As for any other service, unless you have top quality 4G/Residential proxies, using logged in YouTube accounts is highly recommended, if not, mandatory. You can purchase them also in our shop at a fair price.

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